Gamecraft Logo artwarkGamecraft and the idea of ​​using role-playing as an experiential learning tool, is a vision of its founder and leader, Alexander Miroforides. From his friends living room and role playing on a Friday or Saturday night, the idea ​​moved to the Museum of Byzantine Culture in Thessaloniki. There, through people with an open mind and mood for a museum with modern educational programs, the project became a reality. At first, as a collaboration between two major fantasy fan clubs of the city and soon afterwards, by establishing Gamecraft and trying to expertise in this specific field. Fortunately, the development team did not stop there and it is now proud to present an innovative portfolio of designed and implemented events, filled with new methodologies of playing, the use of new technology and the requisite presence of storytelling. Entities such as museums, who co-operated with the team, are now numbering dozens.
One of the biggest advantages of this team, is the ability to design new material and the particular talent to adapt this material to the needs of all interested parties. Do not hesitate to contact us and discuss any idea of ​​event or happening, if it is using gaming as a basic parameter.



Creative team – Game Design – Special Events – Publishing

Kritis 53 Str.  – Postal Code: 54646

Thessaloniki, Greece

Tel: +302310328317

Fax: +302310328317

Cel: +306971722571

Contact person: Mr Alexander Miroforides



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