HuntzzGamecraft announces a new cooperation with British company Huntzz founded by brothers Charles and Edward Wiles, based on the homonymous digital platform Huntzz dealing with treasure hunts in sites of historic, cultural, tourist and special interest such as museums, archaeological sites, historic sites and even entire cities!

Huntzz is an iOS/Android app with real-world treasure (scavenger) hunts and tour guides in one that also allows any individual, location or organisation to create and share their own hunt anywhere in the world!

Especially for Thessaloniki:

…This is a walk through 23 centuries of history and culture, in a living and colourful city, where many ethnic and religious communities lived and prospered throughout the years. A city with influences and achievements from diverse people of the Eastern and Western civilization. A crossroad of stories, experiences and events. A city with an abundance of monuments that reflect historic importance, dating from antiquity to modern times. A place for a hunt of knowledge, a hunt for humanity’s essential values…      

The application offers a digital map (via the Google maps platform) and directs the player in characteristic locations. There, a riddle is presented and the right answer is requested through search and observation. Earn ‘gold coins’ for answering correctly and use a few of them for a small hint, on the next tough question. Search the next location, find the answer and open the chest with your reward scroll! Read it to learn the history of the monument you just deciphered! A game of thrills and a cognitive walk at the same time!

BBC Click is the BBC’s flagship technology program for which presenter Kate Russell regularly reviews the latest apps and websites. Here she talks about the Huntzz scavenger hunt app:


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