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Center for Addiction TreatmentGamecraft is a creative team dealing with the design and implementation of interactive and role playing games, creating recreational and educational activities based on almost any theme or subject for the last six years (since August 2009). Along the way, we feel that it is our duty for our friends and the community we all live in, to dedicate a number of our events for charitable purposes. For that reason, Gamecraft’s ‘MYSTERY NIGHTS’ role playing-murder mystery game we all loved and in cooperation with OXYGONO and METAIXMIO publications, offered crime fiction books at the Center of Addiction Treatment (KETHEA) KETHEA ITHACA and KETHEA PROMETHEUS. In both cases, the books will be given to the respective institutions, enriching their already existing library.

Both institutions rejoiced and thanked us for the bid. This action proved that there are moments worth every effort to multiply smiles among us. We want to thank all MYSTERY NIGHTS players for their contribution –through their participation- in these sessions,  a sign that we can still work as a team and care for our fellow human beings.

Mystery is a part of all good things. Even virtue or beauty is mysterious.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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