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Opposite Hemisphere III  A fantasy and fiction short story or a short story based on creative imagination in general, should undeniably possess one and only important literary skill. To distinguish and highlight natural through the metaphysical or supernatural, realism through the epic exaggeration, bravery and light through an atmospheric description of terror and darkness. And vice versa, with the same amount of flair and convenience. No, the skills described are not many, the talent in doing so should be one and the same. In written and spoken storytelling, the starting point and the final destination are not as important as the narrative path itself, the way and the right dose of writing chemistry to transform text to an imaginary journey.

 Opposite Hemisphere anthology series matures with each and every new story. It’s authors are gathered for the 3rd time and present their creative work in an anthology whose main purpose, is to be able to successfully transcribe inspirations from a portion of people who claim and continuously prove their love for imagination, mystery and fantasy in all objective forms. All stories appearing in the third issue’s pages, have their own respectable history. Coming from writers on a new, fresh start with admirable results and an appetite for experimentation and continuous improvement. Skilled efforts have stepped in our anthology, enriched and refined with new ideas and concepts. Stories from veteran pens embrace the project, adding to the anthology’s quality and ‘literary gravity’. It is a colorful and multi-shaped trip in so many imaginative and real feelings, moments, people, ventures, locations, seasons and senses.


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