Mystery Nights video trailer

A murder mystery game is a type of role playing themed party. The host (Game Master) uses a carefully planned and entertaining murder case scenario, providing information and findings to the guests. Usually, the guests separate into equally manned competing teams. Each team plays the role of a cooperative investigation team and tries to comprehend and classify all available data, while they struggle to put up the correct ‘Whodunnit’ theory. The second stage of the scenario involves live questioning of the case’s primary suspects, adding a new and even more interesting amount of disclosures. At the end, every team of players has to decide. Who is responsible for the crime? Who will face justice? The host gives the grand finale with a detailed explanation of the true crime. A murder mystery game usually involves dinner or a buffet. The event may be held for any type of celebration. Teams could be friends, tourist groups or even corporate executives. Duration of the game varies from 2 – 4 hours depending on the scenario and the number of competing teams.

Gamecraft has created over 10 original scenarios in English, from hard-boiled investigations to lighter, more theatrical and role playing friendly cases. These games have been played with great success in various locations (hotels, cafe, restaurants) and occasions (birthday parties, corporate executive meetings, conventions). We believe that we have won the confidence of all playing groups with our fluent English and high quality of gamification and game mechanics.  


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